Prof. Dr. Kousik Santra

(Ph.D, M.Pharm in Pharmaceutics)




Anand College of Education is synonymous with excellence. It envisages to impart the best of education along with moulding of child’s personality and equipping him with all necessary skills to lead a pleasant life. I am happy to note that Anand College of Education aims to develop social awareness and sensitivity in the minds of its Pharmacy students so that they would be the role model of our society. I hope that they would be the pathfinder of our future nation. It is because, education is always been a cornerstone of society, pillar on which the bulwark of human existence rests. The Anand College of Education intends to inculcate in the minds of its students such knowledge and wisdom as could unleash their unparallel innovative powers. I convey my heartiest gratitude to management for entrusting me with the responsibility of spearheading the Anand College of Education towards excellence. I firmly believe that together we stand divided we fall.