The institute has highly sophisticated laboratories, well equipped machine rooms; central instrumentation facility which satisfies the practical and research need of the students

The various laboratories are developed in the Institute includes

Sophisticated Instrument Laboratory

    Institute houses state-of-art sophisticated Instrument Laboratory equipped with modern instruments like Biopac data acquisition system, HPLC, HPTLC, FTIR, Spectrofluorimeter, Spray Dryer, Brookfield’s Viscometer, Ultrasonic homogenizer, Lab Auto Coater, High Speed Homogenizer, Freeze Dryer, Lab scale Melt Extruder & Spheronizer and Research Rotary Microtome etc. etc. The Sophisticated Instrument Lab provides analytical support and intellectual input to both in-house.. As a result of excellent laboratory facilities and their proper utilization under the supervision of faculty members, the pass outs will have an edge for immediate employment.